In business practice the concept of online marketing and internet marketing are used interchangeably, which is quite legitimate, as the most of the e-marketing (another term, used more rarely) operations carried out today is the Internet. The object of marketing activity on the electronic market is the information-analytical and expert-research activity of the enterprise using: […]

Ultrasonic vibrations application increases the effectiveness of degreasing, etching and cleaning the parts in detergent solutions and water in a great way. In the propagation of ultrasonic waves in the liquid rises to the so-called sound (acoustic) flows which have a vortical nature, and the propagation velocity of up to hundreds of centimeters per second, […]

Flanges production is a complex technical process. Manufacturing a nicely crafted item is hardly possible without scrupulous adherence to the production technology. Since the flanges are operate under different conditions, the external and internal influences (humidity, temperature, pressure, and so forth), as well as properties of the transported material should be taken into account. Therefore, […]

Unfortunately, in the physical and mental changes may have a devastating effect and make even the implementation of simple tasks may turn into a sophisticated challenge. The organism may recover from a minor injury more quickly, though a person may collide with post-syndromes that negatively affect memory, decrease the ability of adaptation to new environments […]

Geophysical borehole exploration is a part of a complex of measures aimed to define the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of oil, gas or water deposits in particular region. The traditional understanding of GBE (geophysical borehole exploration) has managed to transform into a huge branch of geophysics. In a broader sense, borehole drilling exploration results are […]

Ventilation of underground car parks requires powerful units designed for continuous operation. This circumstance gave rise to the use of two fan types: centrifugal and axial with straight blades ones. The fans of medium and large capacity are installed in separate engine rooms. The air intake should be implemented at a distance from pollution sources. […]

Leeds City located in West Yorkshire, northern England, is just 310 kilometers north-west of London. The first reference to the settlement has been discovered in the Domesday Book, which saw the light of the day in the far 1098, while the status of a city has been granted to Leeds in 1207. As industrial revolution […]