How to deal with conflicts?

Conflict can be defined according to its origin, source, and intensity. It is an intrinsic characteristic of humans. The origin of conflict is related to the origin of fighting or aggression in human history. The conflicts between different groups are always complex and multi-dimensional. The source of conflict often depends […]

Why there are so many conflicts in the world

An Interdisciplinary Journal focuses on the critical thinking, communication, writing and presentation skills of different disciplines. Section topic: The importance of international collaboration in the future Section keywords: Globalisation , global cities, cross-cultural communication Introduction: Global cooperation is essential for human development. We need to learn to interact with each […]

Our blog focuses on peace and conflict

The most important issue in conflicts is peace. However, there are very few experts who study this issue and the experts who do so are not experienced enough to write an article on such complex topic. Our blog focuses on peace and conflict, but it isn’t only about the two […]