Germany Gambling – A Marketing Overview

A famous German gambling review hub – APNET Casino – prepared a comprehensive overview of the state of affairs in the country’s gambling industry. The article is dedicated to the wider audience, as well to the marketing experts and individuals involved in gambling industry.

Money aspects

The size of individual payments has increased significantly in the last five years. It should be noted that in case of winning over 1,000 euros, a record of it must be submitted (this rule was introduced after the tragedy in New York, under the pretext of fighting terrorism). Nevertheless, the total payout statistics remains the same. Roulette operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with fixed amounts of payments and upper/lower betting limits. In blackjack bets on Super Jack are popular, where at certain circumstances payments can be subjected to a thousand-fold increase in the size of the initial bet amount. Types of poker popular in Germany vary depending on the requests of the consumer (Seven, Texas Poker stand out from the crowd). Positive aspects of gaming machines for the gambling adherents are obvious: for the same money, one can enjoy the game much longer (the minimum bet equals as little as 0.5 cent).

Attraction channels

Jackpot system is practiced by operators primarily because of its low cost maintenance, plus such activities are easy to control. However, the visitors appreciate frequent but small wins to sky-high jackpots, even though there are real large-scale jackpots played. In addition, a brand-new system of bonuses for slots players has been recently introduced in Bundesrepublik – a bonus system based on a special chip card. However, this system is still in the testing process, so the authorities do not exclude the possible difficulties associated with its implementation.

In order to attract the attention of customers, gambling establishments play the ball with large businesses and organize card games tournaments and slot machines competitions. This technique draws the attention of the media, which guarantees impressive coverage. These tournaments have a number of positive aspects for a casino: players as visit casinos with their friends, who may also attend this institution in future. Moreover, the amount of time spent in the gambling house during the competition is bigger than the one during regular visit.

Moreover, the players typically continue to play even after the official end of the match. As a rule, such events takes place in a stylish facilities and a pleasant atmosphere that will be remembered for the participants and then, when choosing this or that house, the player is likely to make the choice in favor of the casino he or she attended already. Increasingly, such competitions are held in the small but cozy places perfectly suited for poker or baccarat nights. In addition, the competitions give the visitors the feeling of being a part of one big family: each fan feels that he or she is not alone in the preference; it oftentimes feels like a part of the team. Subsequently, people are likely to come back to the casino again to experience this feeling of belonging to the event!