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Section topic: The importance of international collaboration in the future

Section keywords: Globalisation , global cities, cross-cultural communication

Introduction: Global cooperation is essential for human development. We need to learn to interact with each other across national boundaries. With globalisation, we will see more intercultural communication and culture clash among people. It is therefore crucial to ensure international collaboration in our current global society.

Section topic: Coding competency in the future

Section keywords: Computer science , coding competencies , codesigning , coding education, simulation software for students

Introduction: The world faces a computing revolution that will make important changes in all areas of knowledge production and consumption. There will be an increasing demand for

The global conflict scenario has been contributing to a global halt in development. It is the need of the hour to engage in a constructive conversation about the causes and consequences of global conflicts.

In this article, we attempt to answer that question by examining various aspects related to conflicts and what can be done about it. Our first chapter aims at answering that question by asking: What does peace mean? Then we discuss various causes of conflict, such as; religion, nationalism and economics. We discuss the current status of peace and how we should work towards it. Finally, we make an attempt at finding solutions for conflicts like those mentioned above.

Conflict is a recurring theme between people. It is the result of different interests, different political views, different ideologies etc. It is manifested in wars, conflicts and conflicts between countries.

How to deal with conflicts?

Computational conflict research is a growing field that aims to understand how people interact with others, the nature of conflict and the cognitive mechanisms that mediate conflict resolution.

Conflict is an inevitable part of any organisation’s life. It can be caused by both internal and external factors. At various times in the history of an organisation, conflicts have been resolved to a certain extent; however, other times they have become more acute and difficult to resolve.

Conflict resolution is not an easy task. Concretely, it means that you should address the causes of conflict and come up with solutions for resolving them . If we want to resolve conflicts we need to understand the causes; we need to understand what sort of conflict we are facing and how it can be resolved; we also need to learn about possible solutions for resolving it . The present article discusses some ways that you can deal with conflict and come up with solutions for resolving them .

There are various types of conflicts

Conflict, conflict resolution, conflict management are all critical areas of work. There are many theories on how to deal with them – some are positive and some are negative, but all require learning.

Many people think that there is no need to learn about conflict resolution – it’s something that you will always have to deal with in life, right? It’s not true. We can use our brains to learn how to handle conflicts on a more positive level.