Categories of electrical cables

Electrical cable erection can be regarded as the lifeline of any construction project as it provides power to every needed section of the building. Even the data cabling hugely depends upon the fact that the power cables are erected right. Good electrical building services should be chosen so that the work proceeds in the right direction and the overall management of the project remains in good hands. The building services also offer the electrical services as a part of their portfolio which should always be given a chance if the owner is tight on budget. If this is not the case then it is very important that separate contractors are hired for building data and electrical services. The management of the project is easy if separate contractors are hired for the process. It will also allow the owners to get the end result they are looking for. The electrical cabling categories are a technical topic and therefore the specialists hired for the task are well versed in all categories of the cables. Such professionals should be hired so that the work is never hampered and the project proceeds seamlessly. The company hired should be professional and must also have ample experience of similar projects. Newbies should be given a chance but only if they can demonstrate their willingness and knowledge about cable erection.

Category 5 cable     

It is also referred to as cat 5 cable and is mostly used for computer and data cabling. The telephone services can also be run using this category and therefore it is highly recommended to all the users that are looking for quality work. The cable was invented in 2001 and the cat 5 was the first ever variant introduced in the market. The current variant of the cable is cat 5e and it has completely suspended the cat 5 cables. It is worth mentioning that the name used in the market is still cat 5 which is referred for all variants present.

Category 6 cables

The Ethernet is the mechanism that is related to this cable and this variant is used in many organizations for the integrated data circuits. The best part of the cable is that it is completely compatible with the cat 5 and 5e cables which make it use even more reliable. The erection of the cable is simple and can be done by novice users but it is not recommended at all. The erection of this cable comes as a part of electrical services and the same guys can do this kind of cabling as well.

Category 7 cables

Again the best part of this category is that it is compatible with all the predecessors and hence regarded as one of the best ones. Upon the cable stealth, the cat 7 is printed which is used for the recognition. The ways and means of cable erection are easy and it is used for high-speed Ethernet lines. The other names which are related to this class F and the new standards are class 7A and FA. ISO/IEC 11801 is the standard that governs its erection.