The Power Of VOC Removal Sensors

The industry has recently welcomed a brand-new device that heralds a new era of advanced mechanical ventilation: an extremely compact VOC removal sensor that can be equipped in virtually any exhaust system.

To adjust the threshold, the most advanced gadgetry offers setting one of the six possible levels to enhance the peak air flow. The adjustment is made on the potentiometer located under the front cover of the device.

When VOC level doesn’t exceed the permissible level, the air flow remains on the minimum level. Green light under the clear lens on the front panel indicates that indoor air quality is satisfactory. When the level of air pollution exceeds the set value, the peak air flow mode will be activated automatically, lasting as long as the air quality will not match the specified value. The maximum air flow quickly reduces the concentration of pollutants and exhaust device returns to the normal regime. Activation of hyper-regime is possible within 20 minutes intervals. All this not only ensures excellent indoor air quality, but also limits heat loss, since while the level of pollutants does not exceed a predetermined value, the air flow remains minimal.

Setpoint activation of peak air flow can be adjusted at any time by removing the front cover and changing the settings of the potentiometer.

This system is designed primarily for small spaces (close spaces with bulky equipment, bunds walls and etc.), areas where high emissivity materials are used, e.g. treated wood, laminate, carpeting and finishing materials on the basis of plastic. Another natural domain of application is ships cabins and mobile homes. Among other things, this version is ideal for proper odour control systems in dressing rooms (for efficient sweat smell removal).